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BOTEK has developed strong relations either singly or in partnership with other firms within the following regions.

Middle East & Islamic Countries

The CEO-Chairman of BOTEK, Yıldırım GELGİN, is the Founding Partner and Past President of the FCIC (Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries). Today Mr. Levent Gelgin holds the presidency of FCIC. Therefore, thought the FCIC mechanism, cooperation and exchange of technology and expertise in the Islamic countries had major contributions to BOTEK`s activities in this region.

Former Soviet Region & Central Asia

The synergy triggered during the post-cold war period has provided tremendous opportunities due to sustainable development efforts. Therefore common background of Central Asian and Turkish people resulted strong business relations between Turkey and other Central Asian Countries. BOTEK has developed very good relations and involved in various major projects in this region.

Balkans & Eastern Europe

As of late 2002, Turkey has officially been a candidate for European Union. All candidates have the right to participate in the projects funded by the European Community, Europe AID, EIB and EBRD. BOTEK’s proximity to region gives us not only a geographical advantage but also a tremendous opportunity for economic solutions using efficient logistics.

BOTEK has successfully completed major projects in Turkey and abroad for the following Authorities;